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18th European Carabidologist Meeting

18th European Carabidologist Meeting

18th European Carabidologist Meeting, 25-29 September 2017, Rennes, France

25-29 september 2017 Agrocampus Ouest, Rennes, France

Here you can find some usefull information

Important dates

  • You can submit your abstract untill the 28th of April 2017 Deadline Extended to May 26th
  • Registrations from the 14th of March untill the 30th of June 2017 Deadline Extended to July 10th
  • Welcoming : the 24th of September
  • Beginning of the meeting : the 25th of September
  • End of the meeting : the 29th of September


Oral Communication

We invite submission of abstracts for contributed oral presentations for the 18th European Carabidologist Meeting.

While not necessary, we encourage you to address the theme of this year, “Carabid contributions to ecosystem services” in your abstract if possible.

All selected abstracts will be grouped together into thematic sessions. Please look at the temporary themes list, and choose the one that best fits your work, as well as a second choice. Note that your abstact should not exceed 400 words, and that you have the possibility to load a picture of the speaker. Contributed oral presentations are scheduled for 20 minute timeslots, with 15 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions.


We invite submission of abstracts for poster as well. As for oral contribution, we encourage you to address the theme of this year, “Carabid contributions to ecosystem services” if possible.


We invite submission of abstracts for poster as well. As for oral contribution, we encouraged you to address the theme of this year, “Carabid contributions to ecosystem services” if possible.

Gala Dinner

We propose a Gala dinner in an historic bulding, the 'Lycée Saint Vincent', on Thursday the 28th evening.


Mont Saint Michel Excursion !

© Atout France/Fotolia/Kyolshin

© Atout France/Fotolia/Kyolshin

Participate to the excursion on Wednesday to enjoy a visit of the famous Mont-Saint-Michel and its wonderfull bay, as well as a field excursion around the Mont to meet the carabid residents !

Visit the Mont-Saint-Michel

" Whether seen from afar or up-close, the Mont-Saint-Michel is a wonder. A mirage. Its reflection in the bay (of the same name) doubles the illusion. The Mont-Saint-Michel looms dramatically on the horizon, defying the highest tides in Europe. The rocky island topped by an 11th-century Benedictine abbey appears majestic on a clear day and mystifying through the fog." read more

Registered a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, the Mount is one of France’s most visited historical places. 2.5 million tourists from around the world travel to the rocky outcrop every year: sightseers eager to discover the mythical town, and pilgrims on a spiritual journey.

Visit the carabid residents

Field excursion will take place in salt marshes, and possibly in the surrounding polders. All together, intertidal habitats cover more than in the Mont St Michel Bay, with 44km² for salt marshes only, one of the largest value in the world. Salt marshes and polders have been studied for decades by scientists of Rennes, and long-term studies revealed the importance of hedgerows in the mobility of polder populations. Salt-marsh assemblages were proved to be sensitive to regular flooding and to management (grazing and cutting). Specialist, halophilic, species likely to be seen include some Bembidion (e.g. minimum and normanum), Dicheirotrichus (gustavii and obsoletus) and some Pogonus species (mainly chalceus and littoralis).

Registration Fees


Basic fees

The basic fees cover the welcoming bag, coffee breaks and lunches cost from monday the 25th morning to friday the 29th afternoon. Note that the accomodation and diners is not included (you can find some help to find accomodation in the 'Practical information' section of the website). Different rates are available depending of your status. If you have a special diet, please contact us to be sure that the meals can match your needs.

Full Rate - Permanent position : 230€ TTC

Preferential rate - Student/PhD : 160€ TTC

Note that if you face strong difficulties to pay the admission fees, your can write to us (at this address : and we will examine every situation.

Excursion Mont-Saint-Michel (Wednesday - All day visit): 30€ TTC (lunch bag +10€).

Gala Dinner (Thursday evening): 60 € TTC


In an effort to help you to easily find an hotel room that match your needs, the 18ECM team has selected hotels and negociated prices for the 18ECM participants. 

First, the Cité Internationale offers studios fully equipped (kitchen) and enjoys a strategic location (beetween the train station and the meeting place) for a very competitive cost (around 50€/nigth). Once you're registred, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail with a form to book for a room. Once you have make your choice, please send the filled form to quickly, Thank you ! Warning: we have a limited number of rooms, so we advise you to book early to secure your room !

Then, tourist information center of Rennes selected different services, from the more affordable room (around 40€/nigth) to the more comfortable ones (around 80€/nigth): here !