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Project team:

Marie de Lattre-Gasquet (Cirad, coordinator), Catherine Donnars (Inra), Patrice Dumas (Cirad), Chantal Le Mouël (Inra, coordinator), Olivier Mora (Inra, organizer for scenario building) and Olivier Rechauchère (Inra), in collaboration with Marco Barzman (Inra), Thierry Brunelle (Cirad), Agneta Forslund (Inra), Elodie Marajo-Petitzon
(Inra), Stéphane Manceron (Inra), Pauline Marty (Inra) and Clémence Moreau (Cirad).

Scenario Committee:

Agnes Andersson Djurfeldt (Lund University, Sweden), Leith Ben Becher (Synagri, Tunisia), Mohamed Elloumi (InraT, Tunisia), Adama Faye (IPAR, Senegal), Richard Guissou (Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, Burkina Faso), Holger Kray (World Bank, USA), John Lewis (Terra Global Capital, USA), Patrick Meyfroidt (Louvain University, Belgium), Marc Mueller (FAO, Italy), Siwa Msangui (IFPRI, USA), Antonio Onorati (International Planning Committee on Food Sovereignty, Italy), Stéphane Parmentier (Oxfam, Belgium), Alain Retière (Cap 2100, France), Roberta Sonino (Cardiff University, UK), Sébastien Treyer (IDDRI, France), Dominique van der Mensbrugghe (AgMIP, Purdue University, USA), Joost Vervoort (CCAFS and Oxford University, UK), Hisham Zehni (IFAD, Italy).

Steering committee:

Pierre Fabre (Cirad), Hervé Guyomard (Inra), Etienne Hainzelin(Cirad), Bertrand Schmitt (Inra)

Scientific coordinators for the thematic workshops:

Francis Aubert (Agro-Sup, Dijon), Frédéric Lançon (Cirad), Jacques Marzin (Cirad), Laurent Piet (Inra), David Makowski (Inra), Florent Maraux, Eric Malézieux (Cirad), Philippe Lecomte, Alexandre Ickowitz (Cirad), Philippe Lescoat (AgroParisTech).

Coordination of the conference:

Etienne Hainzelin, Advisor to the President of Cirad, Bertrand Schmitt Director of the Delegation for collective scientific expertise, foresight and advanced studies- Inra