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AnaEE – International Conference

From Experimentation to Global Prediction

2 - 3 March 2016 Paris, France

Wednesday 02 March 2016

9:00 am - 5:30 pm : Day 1


9:00 Opening remarks  
  • Stéphanie Thiébault, director of INEE, French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), France  

Stephanie Thiebault

  • François Houllier, President, French National Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA), France

François Houillier

  • Elisabeth Vergès, French Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research, France

Elisabeth Vergès

Session 1: Current and future global change experiments, challenges and opportunities

9:30 Challenges and opportunities in the European landscape    
  • The ESFRI Roadmap 2016: a strategy document on Research Infrastructures for European science

            Giorgio Rossi, ESFRI Vice-Chair, Italy 

Giorgio Rossi

  • The European research infrastructures landscape

            Anna-Maria Johansson, DG Research, European Commission, Belgium  


  • Sustainability issues in funding research infrastructures   

            Antonella Calvia-Götz, European Investment Bank, Luxemburg


10:30    Coffee break

11:00 A linked world: the interactions between ecological, climate, and societal changes                                  
  • Integrating Theory, Science, and Engineering to Realize Large-scale Project Science

            Henry W. Loescher, National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON), USA           


Hank Loescher

  • Terrestrial systems research: Quo Vadis?

          Harry Vereecken, Terrestrial Environmental Observatories (TERENO), Germany 

Harry Vereecken

  • Aims and tools of Social-Ecological Systems research infrastructures: insight from the LTER-Zones Ateliers network

          Vincent Bretagnolle, CNRS, France 

Vincent Bretagnolle

12:30    Lunch break

14:00 AnaEE, tackling the challenges for experimental manipulation to face an uncertain world: goal, vision, access and business model + showcases  
  • AnaEE Infrastructure: facing the challenge of a sustainable future 

            Abad Chabbi and AnaEE Consortium 

Abad Chabbi

  • AnaEE and ICOS – Links, synergies and challenges

            Reinhart Ceulemans -  presentation made by Ivan Nijs - University of Antwerpen, Belgium 

Reinhart Ceulemans


            Alison Specht, Fondation pour la Recherche sur la Biodiversité, France

Alison Specht

15:30    Coffee break

Session 2: Understanding of risk, risk mitigation and management of global ecosystem changes - a need for experimental RIs

16:00 Evaluating the risks in ecosystem science                                                                                                 

            Sébastien Soleille, Deloitte, France and Will Sarni, Deloitte, USA  

Sebastien Soleille


            Mari Tye, National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA 

Mari Tye

17:30 -  End of the session

Thursday 03 March 2016

8:30 am - 4:30 pm : Day 2

Session 3: Data challenge and modelling in ecosystem science - moving forward

08:30 Food security, a persisting issue in changing environments: Experimentation - Data needs a quest for scientific forecasts                            
  • Food security and sustainable and resilient production: demands and supply in research

            Tim Benton, University of Leeds, UK

Tim Benton

  • Food security production systems:Some personal visions for AnaEE

            John Roy Porter, National Resources Institute, UK and University of Copenhagen, Denmark

John Roy Porter

  • Data synthesis in agricultural and environmental sciences

            David Makowski, INRA, France 

David Makowski

10:00    Coffee break

10:30 Making Data Useable, Ecological Informatics                                                                                           
  • The New Vast Machine:  Challenges and Solutions to Large Scale Mapping of Biodiversity and Ecosystems

            Robert Guralnick, University of Florida, USA

Robert Guralnick

  • Interoperable research infrastructures for addressing societal challenges

            Zhiming Zhao, Informatics Institute, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Zhiming Zhao

11:30 Ecological forecasting and research needs – Model structure, uncertainties and coupled approaches      

            Yiqi Luo, University of Oklahoma, USA

Yiqi Luo


            Marcello Donatelli, Council for Agricultural Research, Italy

Marcello Donatelli

  • Terrestrial biosphere models: research needs and implications for experimentation

            Jérôme Chave, CNRS - UMR5174 - Laboratoire Evolution et Diversite Biologique, France

Jerome Chave

13:00    Lunch break

Session 4: The Science-Economy Interface

14:00 Services to the industry: the many facets of research infrastructures                                                         
  • Australia’s National Ecosystem Research Infrastructure: Sustainability and building linkages with industry, the TERN experience

            Tim Clancy, Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN), Australia

Tim Clancy

15:00    Coffee break


15:30  Looking forward – the next challenges                                                                                                                                                      

 16:30    End of the conference