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CRB-Anim Seminar


Note that this is a Pre-Schedule. The staff may change the content for logistical issues.

Day One (9 Feb 2015)

      9h30 - 10h00: Opening
Welcome Coffee in the posters room
      10h00 – 10h40: Presentation of CRB-Anim Objectives and Governance
Michèle Tixier-Boichard (INRA) - Project Coordinator

Session 1: Challenges for the preservation of animal genetic resources



  10h40 - 11h20: Grand challenges for farm animal genetic resources and FAO expectations for an infrastructure such as CRB-Anim 
Paul Boettcher (Food and Agriculture Organization) 


  11h20 – 12h00: Specific challenges for the preservation of genetic resources of aquaculture species
Terrence R. Tiersch (Aquaculture Research Station)
      12h00 – 12h30: Presentation of WP3: current state of collections for livestock species
Coralie Danchin-Burge (Idele) – WP3 Leader
      12h30 - 14h: Lunch – Cocktail  

Session 2: Management of gene banks



  14h00 – 14h40: How to improve cost-effectiveness and usefulness of gene banks for research and for the society?
Harvey Blackburn (US Cryobank)
      14h40 – 15h10: Nagoya protocol and ABS procedures in Europe
Sarah Aubertie (FRB)
      15h10 – 15h30: Presentation of WP4: current issues and plans for the quality management  
Maelle d’Arbaumont (INRA) – Quality Manager
      15h30 – 16h00: Break in the posters room  

Session 3: Genomics for domestic animals



  16h00 – 16h40: Genomics of domestic animals: specific challenges regarding biomedical models 
Tosso Leeb (Vetsuisse) 
      16h40 – 17h00: Presentation of WP3: Interest of collections in CRB-Anim for biomedical models   
Catherine André (CNRS) – WP3 Leader 
      17h00 – 17h20: Presentation of WP2.1: results and current issues
Marco Moroldo (INRA) - WP2.1 Leader

Session 4: Breeding and population genetics



  17h20 – 18h00: Grand challenges for the management of genetic variability of domestic animals 
Henner Simianer (Univ Goettingen) 
      18h00 – 18h20: State of molecular characterization of CRB-Anim collections (WP5) 
Michèle Tixier Boichard (INRA) - Project Coordinator & WP5 leader
      18h20 – 18h40: Current projects and perspectives for WP7
Coralie Danchin-Burge (Idele) – WP7 Leader
      19h30: Dinner   

Day Two (10 Feb 2015)

      8h30 -9h00: Opening
Welcome Coffee in the posters room

Session 5: Biotechnologies for cryobanking



  9h00 - 9h40: The opportunities for genome editing in domestic species 
Helen Sang (Roslin institute) 
      9h40 – 10h30: Presentation of WP2.2: Introduction & Focus on examples of results
Elisabeth Blesbois (INRA)
  9h45 - 9h55: Cryopreservation of Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas) larvae: a limited but promising survival!
  Marc Suquet (IFREMER)
  9h55 - 10h05: Stem cells of gametogenesis in the Rainbow Trout
  Florence Le Gac (INRA)
  10h05 - 10h15: New proteomic tools for Reproductive Phenotyping, the male fowl fertility example
  Aurore Thélie, Laura Soler Vasco (INRA)
      10h30 - 11h00: An ethical and pilosophical viewpoint on CRB-Anim 
Thomas Heams (AgroParis Tech)

Session 6: Strategies for collecting samples and data for CRB-Anim

      11h00 - 11h30: Presentation of recommandation from CRB-Anim group species
Bertrand Pain (INSERM) - Scientific Committee Chairperson
      11h30 - 12h00: Presentation of WP4: reults and current issues for the information system 
Aurélie Delavaud (FRB), Sylvain Marthey (INRA) - WP4 Leaders
      12h00 - 13h30: Lunch – Cocktail  

Session 7: Training and education



  13h30 - 14h10: Training issues when a range of different species is involved in an infrastructure - experience from the Czech Republic
Otomar Linhart (Univ of South Bohemia)
      14h10 – 14h30: Presentation of WP6: training strategy 
Anne Duittoz (Univ Tours) – WP6 Leader

Session 8: Perspectives



  14h30 - 15h10: Opportunities to extend the concept of CRB-Anim to other European genebanks 
Sipke-Joost Hiemstra (Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherland) 
      15h10 – 16h10: Round-table discussion with members of international committee  (chair: Bertrand Pain) 
Priorities for the end of the construction phase
Priorities regarding characterization (current projects and perspectives for WP5)
Priorities regarding use of collections
      16h10 - 16h30 Concluding remarks: 
Gilles Aumont and Daniel Boujard for INRA and CNRS