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Learn and exchange ideas about epicormics, sprouts and related botanical features


Latest news on June 22nd, 2017

“EPIC_IUFRO” Conference: the place to be in France between 15 and 16 of September 2017

Please, register without delay to our conference “EPIC_IUFRO

on epicormics, sprouts and other related botanical features.

Registration is open until August the 31st with an early bird price extended to end of June.

For any additional information don’t hesitate to contact us at

The organization of our conference “EPIC_IUFRO” is now completed. It will take place in Nancy (eastern France) 15-16 September 2017, as a satellite event of and just before the 125th Anniversary IUFRO Conference held in Freiburg (western Germany) 17-22 September 2017.

The aim of the EPIC_IUFRO Conference, the first ever focusing on this topic, is to assess the state of the art in epicormic development and control on trees, and specifically address the need for further research. It is an opportunity for building an international research community about epicormic formation on forest and urban trees and other related aspects.

Main themes are structural botany, physiology and genetics, ecology, tree care, wood quality and forest management.

The scientific committee is composed of Robert Rogers (Emeritus Professor of Forestry at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (USA) conference co-organizer, Siegfried Fink Professor of Botany at the Freiburg University (Germany), Yves Caraglio Botanist researcher at CIRAD AMAP Montpellier (France), Geoffrey Burrows, Professor at the Charles Sturt University (Australia), Michael Saunders Associate Professor at the Purdue University, West Lafayette, (USA), Steve Meadows Principal Silviculturist at the Southern Research Station of the USDA Forest Service, Stoneville (USA) and Francis Colin researcher at INRA Nancy (France), organizer.

This committee has accepted 16 abstracts that have been received up to now. The abstracts are available at EPIC-IUFRO presentations. A few others are welcome as well as posters. A special issue of the Annals of Forest Science will be published based on reviewed papers based on the conference presentations and posters.

This conference will include an ice-breaker on the evening of Wednesday the 14th , a full indoor day for listening to the presentations at AgroParisTech campus of Nancy on Friday the 15th, a visit to the INRA Center especially to see X-ray computed tomography, terrestrial Lidar and oak quality improvement by epicormics shoot pruning and latent bud debudding, on Saturday the 16th, a transfer from Nancy to Freiburg organized by Yves Ehrhart, forest professor at AgroParisTech for visiting Vosges mountain forests, the Alsatian wine route, and lunching in a typical “Ferme Auberge” on Sunday the 17th.

All of the organizing committee composed of Elodie Taillefumier, Corinne Martin, Nathalie Morel, Charline Freyburger and Francis Colin are at your service to make your stay unforgettable.