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Exploring lignocellulosic biomass!

Welcome to ELB 2018 meeting

The "Exploring lignocellulosic biomass: challenges and opportunity for bioeconomy" (ELB 2018) meeting chaired by FARE lab and organised by several academic labs in Reims (France) will be held in June 26-29, 2018 in the Centre des Congrès in Reims.

ELB 2018 congress is dedicated to the different uses of lignocellulosic resource in both agroecosystems and biotechnology. ELB 2018 congress further aims at providing an overview of the challenges of i) lignocellulose biotransformation in soils, in relation to their fertility and to climate stabilization, ii) lignocellulose conversion by bio-physico-chemical processes to produce biobased chemicals, materials and fuels. The socio-economic point of view will be discussed in the context of the emerging bioeconomy.

More than 150 scientific attendees are expected from academic labs and industries.

Some renowned international experts will present their work and foresight (Keynote and Invited lectures). The 6 themed scientific sessions, the poster session and the gala diner in the Palais du Tau will be great opportunities to foster fruitful exchanges between participants.

We thus invite you to join us in the superb city of Reims that hosts three exceptional UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Welcome in Reims!