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Exploring lignocellulosic biomass!

Exploring Lignocellulosic Biomass - ELB 2018

Challenges and Opportunities for Bioeconomy

26-29 June 2018 Reims, France

Meeting Programme

ELB 2018 is organised in 6 scientific sessions covering the different aspects of lignocellulose bioeconomy, structure and transformation. Each session will start with a keynote lecture of an expert giving his/her vision for the topic of the session and one invited lecture for sound technical advancement.

Tuesday 26 June 2018

12:00 Opening of the welcome desk

14:00 Opening remarks by Gabriel Paës, Chairman of ELB 2018

Forewords by:

Guillaume MICHAUX, Grand Reims Vice-President of Sustainable Development

Monique AXELOS, INRA Scientific Director for Food, Nutrition & Bioeconomy

Laurent LUCAS, URCA Vice-President in charge of Research

14:40 Session 1 - Biorefining for Bioeconomy

14:40 - Keynote speaker: Anne-Christine Ritschkoff, Executive Vice President Strategic Research - VTT, Finland. Biobased innovations drive circular bioeconomy - a Finnish perspective

pdf - 3.28 MB

15:25 - Keynote speaker: Antoine Missemer, Researcher - CNRS, France. Energy, environment and natural capital: an economic and historical perspective

pdf - 5.62 MB

16:10 - Coffee break

16:40 - Nicolas Befort. The bioeconomy, biotechnology, and the transition to sustainability

17:00 - Manuel Morales. Industrial Symbiosis, a dynamic transitional strategy to a Bio-based Economy

pdf - 1.16 MB

17:20 - Jacky Vandeputte. What has been accomplished in the bioeconomy in France?

pdf - 2.06 MB

17:40 - Julie Wohlfahrt. Bioeconomy systems sustainability assessment: embracing complexity

pdf - 3.28 MB

18:00 - End of Session 1 / End of the day

Wednesday 27 June 2018

09:00 Session 2 - Structural and chemical complexity of lignocellulose

09:00 - Invited speaker: Peter Ciesielski, Senior Research Scientist - NREL Golden, USA. Integrating advanced microscopy, structural modelling, and multiphysics simulation to understand transport phenomena and conversion processes in lignocellulosic biomass

pdf - 12.63 MB

09:45 - Fabienne Guillon. Multispectral autofluorescence analysis, a promising approach to track tissue origins of particles in ground grass lignocellulosic biomass

10:05 - Julia Parlatore Lancha. Parietal modifications of lignocellulosic biomass subjected to hydrothermal pretreatment observed by Raman micro-spectrometry

pdf - 2.17 MB

10:25 - Coffee break

10:55 - Simon Hawkins. A chemical reporter strategy for studying lignification in plants

11:15 - Julien Lefebvre. Sponsor presentation: Interchim

11:25 - Alain Bourmaud. Plant fibre cell walls characterization by peak-force quantitative nano mechanics technology

11:45 - Carlos Marcuello. Interfacial forces between lignocellulosic polymers by Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy: Impact of the coverage AFM- tip

12:30 Lunch

14:00 - Keynote speaker: Art Ragauskas, Professor, Governor's Chair for Biorefining - University of Tennessee Knoxville, USA. Fundamentals of biorefining: Today and Tomorrow (video conference)

14:45 - End of Session 2

14:45 Session 3 - Physical, chemical and biological deconstruction of lignocellulose (to be continued on Thursday)

14:45 - Keynote speaker: Anne S. Meyer, Professor - Technical University of Denmark, Denmark. Assessing laccase catalyzed lignin modification: EPR measurements and mediator effects

15:30 - Jean-Guy Berrin. Lytic oxidative enzymes from fungal biodiversity as innovative tools for plant (hemi)cellulose processing

15:50 - Harivony Rakotoarivonina. Genomic and transcriptomic analyses of a hemicellulolytic thermostable bacterium reveal its potentiality and adaptability for an efficient biomass fractionation

16:10 - Coffee break

16:40 - Estelle Bonnin. Synchrotron time-lapse imaging of lignocellulosic biomass hydrolysis: tracking enzyme by autofluorescence, and cell walls modifications by infrared microspectroscopy

17:00 - Egon Heuson. Sponsor presentation: Realcat

17:10 - Nicolas Brosse. The steam explosion process for lignocellulosics pretreatment: beyond bioethanol

pdf - 1.97 MB

17:30 - Claire Mayer. Preserving the structural variability in maize stalk through dry fractionation processes

17:50 - Ezinne Achinivu. Extraction and Recovery of Sinapic Acid from Oleaginous Biomass (Mustard Bran): a Sustainable Access to a Valuable Phenolic Platform Molecule

18:10 - End of Session 3 (to be continued on Thursday 28 June) / End of the day

18:15 - Departure for Pommery Champagne cellar visit (optional on registration)

Thursday 28 June 2018

08:45 Session 4 - Lignocellulose as a source of organic matters in soils

08:45 - Keynote speaker: Claire Chenu, Professor - AgroParisTech, France. Closing the loop between soils and lignocelluloses to address global challenges

09:30 - Invited speaker: Petr Baldrian, Researcher - Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic. Lignocellulose in forest soils and its microbial decomposers

10:05 - Fida Mrad. Soil microbial response to sunflower residue and corresponding agromaterial inputs

10:25 - Laurent Bleuze. Microbial colonization of hemp mulches during field retting at the soil surface

10:45 - End of Session 4 / Coffee break

11:15 Session 3 - Physical, chemical and biological deconstruction of lignocellulose

11:15 - Invited speaker: Thomas Farmer, Researcher - University of York, UK. Lignocellulose deconstruction and the importance this has on maximising the use of chemical functionality in bio-based platform molecules

pdf - 2.67 MB

11:50 - Eric Husson. Biorefinery strategies based on Room Temperature Ionic Liquids, hydrolases and their synergism with other pretreatments

pdf - 1.94 MB

12:10 - Egon Heuson. Innovative high-throughput microplate approach for cell wall degrading enzyme production based on fungi and lignocellulosic raw biomass interaction

12:30 - End of Session 3

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Flash talks

Virginie Steinmetz. Analytical characterization of a soluble lignin fraction from thermomechanical softwood treatment: toward a biorefinery concept

Aya Zoghlami. Spatio-temporal imaging of lignocellulosic biomass deconstruction and correlation with the enzymatic hydrolysis

Alexandre Clerq. Performance of a stoichiokinetic model to predict the degradation of lignocellulose by reactive oxygen species and the formation of valuable compounds

pdf - 880.13 kB

Quentin Czerwiec. Ligninolytic potential of Thermobacillus xylanilyticus for the production of aromatic molecules

pdf - 1.07 MB

Hasna Nait M'barek. Lignin decomposition for enhanced bioethanol production: Improving the process using a bio-pre-treatment with the fungus isolate Humicola grisea from central Morocco

Varunesh Chandra. Gaseous emissions of nitrogen species from decomposing crop residues: construction and calibration of a novel model

Clémentine Verove. New sugar-based amphiphilic compounds with surfactant or gelling properties – focus on xylose from ligno-cellulosic biomass

Feng Chen. Thermodynamics and kinetics screening of cellulose fiber dissolution in ionic liquids14:30 Poster session

14:30-17:00 Poster session (with refreshments)

18:30 - Visit of the Reims Cathedrale (optional on registration)

19:30 Gala Dinner, Palais du Tau

Friday 29 June 2018

09:00 Session 5 - Lignocellulose as a source of biomolecules for energy and platforms molecules

09:00 - Keynote speaker: Ed de Jong, VP Development - Avantium, The Netherlands. DAWN Technology: The future of Biorefinery

pdf - 3.43 MB

09:45 - Invited speaker: Warwick Raverty, Chief Scientist - CIRCA, Australia. Levoglucosenone: à la recherche de chimie perdue

pdf - 15.83 MB

10:20 - Xiao Zhang. New approach toward lignin conversion to fuel and chemicals

10:40 - Coffee break

11:10 - Kati Görsch. Hydrothermal conversion of lignocellulosic sugars to furans

11:30 - Frédéric Martel. Sponsor presentation: Futurol

11:40 - Caroline Rémond. Enzymatically-synthesized alkyl pentosides and pentose-based esters, as surfactants of interest

12:00 - Florent Allais. From sawdust to high value-added fine chemicals: a France-Australia-USA success story

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Session 6 - Biobased materials from lignocellulose

14:00 - Keynote speaker: Richard Gross, Professor - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA. High Performance Biobased Structural Epoxy Resins Derived from Levulinic Acid (video conference)

14:45 - Invited speaker: Armand Langlois, President - ENERLAB, Canada. Iso-Lignin® Technology, Lignin base polyurethane: challenges and opportunities

15:20 - Elise Gerbin. Lignin cross-linking in cellulose nanocrystal based films by Fenton reaction: mechanism and properties

15:40 - Amandin Viretto. Valorization of lignocellusic fibers derived from park and garden wastes for biocomposites applications

16:00 - Coffee break

16:30 - Clovis Berthelin. Water-assisted extrusion compounding process to reduce the total volatile organic compounds in natural fibre-filled composites for automotive interior applications

16:50 - Julie Bossu. GuyaValoFibres: exploring the potential of Amazonian unvalorized ligno-cellulosic resources for fibres-based composites applications

pdf - 3.59 MB

17:10 - Arnaud Day. Quality management of hemp straw used in agro-materials

pdf - 2.98 MB

17:30 - Closing remarks

17:45 - End of the meeting