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22 January 2019


ICAR is an international conference dedicated to Aeolian erosion and transport phenomenon. The conference that will be held in 2018 will be the Xth edition of a cycle that started in 1985 in Aarhus (Denmark). The ICAR conferences are run by the International Society of Aeolian Research (ISAR), a non-profit association promoting the research on Aeolian Erosion and the interactions in the community working on Aeolian phenomenon, and diffusing the knowledge on this phenomenon by editing the journal « Aeolian Research ».

Aeolian erosion and aeolian transport involve complex physical processes and interactions between the atmosphere and continental surfaces at various scales of space and time : from the movement of a sand grain, to the formation of sand ripples and dunes up to the transport of continental dust storms. The ICAR community is thus a multidisciplinary community at the interface between several disciplines (Physics, geomorphology, geochemistry, atmospheric dynamics, climate, geology, ecology, ..). The objective is to study and understand the involved processes but also to evaluate their impacts and to reduce the possible nuisances.  Aeolian erosion of soils in arid and semi-arid regions by sand and dust storms has major environmental impacts from the local to the global scale.  It contributes to soil degradation by loss of soil and to the loss of fertility especially in regions where soil are already poor. The presence and displacement of sand dunes can represent a nuisance in inhabited regions. Understanding the formation and movement of sand is a prerequisite for a sustainable management of sand accumulation and displacement phenomenon.  Dust storms have direct socio-economic impacts by reducing the visibility and limiting road and aerial transport. Mineral dust can be long-range transported and have a strong impact of the Earth radiative budget and on biogeochemical cycle of key nutrients (Iron, Phosphorus ..). Aeolian phenomenon are encountered on many other planets than the Earth and fundamentally contributes to the geomorphology of such environments.