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Infogest, International Conference on Food Digestion

5th International Conference on Food Digestion

Rennes, France - 4-6 April 2017 

Conference venue: Agrocampus Ouest - 65 rue de Saint-Brieuc - Rennes
The Campus Map spots the Matagrin amphitheatre as buliding #5.


Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

On behalf of the organizing and scientific committees, I’m really proud to invite you to join us at the 5th International Conference on Food Digestion. This conference is a major event in the field of Food, Nutrition and Health. It is organized in the frame of the INFOGEST research network ( whose objective is to “improve the health properties of food by sharing our knowledge on the digestive process”. The first 4 editions of the conference were held in Cesena Italy (2012), Madrid Spain (2013), Wageningen The Netherlands (2014) and Naples Italy (2015). They gathered around 200 experts from academia and industry from more than 30 countries. The team from JRU Science and Technology on Milk and Eggs in Brittany will be delighted to welcome you in Rennes France. The conference will take place at Agrocampus Ouest.

Dr Didier Dupont, Chair of Infogest

The scientific programme will be organized around the following topics:

  • Food structures and nutrient bioaccessibility/bioavailability
  • Design and characterization of functional food
  • Oral processing and sensory properties of food
  • In vitro, in vivo and in silico models of digestion
  • Unraveling the mechanisms of food digestion
  • Effect of food on intestinal microbiota and, more broadly, on human health

Keynote speakers:

  • Christophe Lacroix, ETH Zurich Switzerland
    Benefits to combine in vitro and in vivo modeling with human trials for mechanistic assessment of dietary factors
  • Gary Frost, Imperial college of London UK
    Short Chain Fatty Acids old fuels but new tricks
  • Hannelore Daniel, Technical University of Munich
    Beyond digestion: nutrient transporters and transceptors in the intestinal epithelium


Pictures of the conference are now available : Diaporama-5th ICFD Rennes 2017

List of Posters to be presented:

This event is supported by:

Fresenius Kabi
Ingredia Dairy Experts
Dairy Goat Co-operative
Nutricia Research


Dans la continuité de l'action COST FA1005 INFOGEST [2011-2015], la 5ème édition de la conférence internationale ICFD se tiendra du 4 au 6 avril 2017 à Rennes.

L’objectif de cette conférence est de faire un point sur l’état des connaissances actuelles sur les mécanismes de dégradation de l’aliment dans le tube digestif et ses conséquences sur la santé de l’homme. Plus précisément, les échanges porteront sur (1) l’influence de la structure des aliments sur la biodisponibilité des nutriments, (2) les modèles de digestion in vitro, in vivo et in silico, (3) le processus oral (mastication, imbibition) et les propriétés sensorielles des aliments, (4) la conception d’aliments fonctionnels et (5) l’effet des aliments sur le microbiote intestinal.


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Was held

The 5th International Conference on Food Digestion was organized in Rennes, France 4-6 April 2017. 214 participants from 27 countries participated to...
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