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Side event: “Sustainable Intensification of planted forests: potential and limits”

organised by IUFRO Task Force on Sustainable Planted Forests for a Greener Future (


June 2, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm (room xxx)

Coordinated by Christophe Orazio, EFIATLANTIC

This event coordinated by the European Forest Institute, Atlantic Region (EFIATLANTIC) aims at sharing knowledge and experience and facilitating debate between different scientific fields (conference participants and task force members) and also with various stakeholders involved in the development of planted forests locally or globally. 

The event will be held as a World Café exploring the following tentative questions:

  • How can genomics contribute to improving productivity?
  • What genetic gains can be realistically achieved through tree breeding?
  • What are the ethical limits and risks of genomic approaches in intensification?
  • How are genetic benefits limited by environmental constraints?

and will involve national and regional stakeholders from the industry (XYLOFUTUR) as well as European partners from EFIATLANTIC network.

You can register for this event here (max 30 people) :

Contact : Stephanie Hayes,