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The EMBO conference ‘The nitrogen nutrition of plants - Nitrogen2016’ will be the third international symposium on the nitrogen nutrition of plants, following Nitrogen2013 in Puerto Varas (Chile) and Nitrogen2010 in Inuyama-city (Japan) and the founder meeting Nitrogen2007 in Lancaster (UK).

At a time when improved nitrogen use efficiency by crops is clearly identified as a major issue for sustainable agriculture, the main objective of this conference will be to review recent progress in the understanding of molecular, physiological and developmental processes involved in the nitrogen nutrition of plants. Nitrogen2016 will also aim at fostering exchanges and collaborations within the rapidly expanding scientific community interested in these topics.

The conference will gather many world-leading experts in the field, and will also provide young researchers an opportunity to present their work. Therefore, the conference will feature a mix of invited speakers with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences as well as speakers selected from submitted abstracts. The format of the meeting will include seven oral sessions and two poster sessions covering the following topics:
♦ Transport of nitrate and ammonium
♦ Metabolism and organic nitrogen
♦ Nitrogen signaling
♦ Genomics and systems biology
♦ Nitrogen interactions with other nutrients/signals
♦ Bacterial, Algal and Fungal systems and interactions with plants
♦ Nitrogen use efficiency, ecophysiology and agroecology

An additional session, sponsored by the NSF, will include presentations in connection with the PlaNNet coordination Network*.

*The National Science Foundation-funded Research Coordination Network called PlaNNet was conceived to address the dual problems of Nitrogen (N) in agriculture: too much fertilizer-N in many agricultural systems, which apart from increasing yields threatens the natural environment and human health; and too little N in poor agricultural systems, which undermines food security.  PlaNNet aims to address both of these questions by coordinating research activities related to the supply, utilization and loss of N by plants with the long-term objective of enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of N-use in agriculture.

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Cette conférence correspond au troisième Symposium International sur la Nutrition Azotée des Plantes, et fait suite à Nitrogen2010 (Inuyama-City, Japon) et Nitrogen2013 (Puerto Varas, Chili). Nous vous souhaitons une bonne visite de ce site, et espérons avoir le plaisir de vous accueillir à Montpellier à l’occasion de cette conférence.

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