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Worshop, Parvovirus, Biennial Workshop


  Dear Parvovirologists,

It is a great pleasure for me organizing the 16th International Workshop on Parvoviruses, which will be held the 19th-23th June 2016 in Ajaccio.

It is a special pleasure  for me to welcome you in Corsica.

The objectives of the meeting are to foster discussions between scientists and medical doctors and to encourage the active participation of young researchers (PhD students and post-docs). The purpose of this meeting is to cover all aspects of parvovirology, from fundamental to applied issues. To make this frame, we invited keynote speakers.
Mart Krupovic from Pasteur Institute will give a lecture on virus evolution (with a focus on ssDNA viruses) and Jean Rommelaere from DKFZ Institute will give an overview of parvovirus clinic applications.

The wide array of topics will facilitate the sharing of approaches in the aim to strengthen existing collaborations or set up new ones..

Ajaccio is located on the West coast of Corsica, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea famous for its history, the variety of its landscape and the beauty of its environment. Although I will try during this meeting to give you few ideas of Corsican richness, I strongly encourage you to take the time, before and/or after the workshop, to discover the island at the best moment of the year.
I look forward to seeing you in Ajaccio.

You can already make a virtual visit of Corsica with Google Earth!

Mylène Ogliastro


Bienvenue au 16e Colloque International des Parvovirus à Ajaccio