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Pathobiome 2018

Joy Bergelson

James Watson Professor of Ecology & Evolution, and Chair

University of Chicago, Illinois USA

Joy Bergelson is interested in the eco-evolutionary processes shaping host-plant interactions.  In her work, she has focused on understanding how ecological forces influence patterns of molecular evolution and on how selection that acts on defense related genes determine ecological outcomes. Her work focuses on Arabidopsis thaliana and its enemies in natural populations in Europe and North America, and combines manipulative field experiments, molecular population genetics, plant molecular genetics and chemical analysis. She received her PhD from The University of Washington and an MPhil from the University of York as a Marshall Fellow, prior to positions at the University of Oxford, Washington University and The University of Chicago. She is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a Cheung Kong Scholar Honorary Professor of Nanjing University, a Packard Fellow and serves on the International Advisory Boards of several institutions and programs in plant and evolutionary biology.