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Pathobiome 2018

Otso Ovaskainen

Professor of Mathematical Ecology

University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

Otso Ovaskainen has developed mathematical, statistical and bioinformatics approaches to population ecology, movement ecology, community ecology, population genetics and evolutionary biology. He has published ca. 140 scientific articles in peer reviewed journals or books. After obtaining his PhD in mathematics in 1998, Ovaskainen realized that he was more fascinated by ecology than pure mathematics. He thus decided to start post-doctoral work with the late Prof. Ilkka Hanski, with the aim of developing a career in ecological modelling. After the post-doctoral and research fellow periods, he received an ERC Starting Grant in 2008 and became a professor in mathematical ecology in Helsinki in 2009. He has been a PI of a Finnish Centre of Excellence in Research since 2006, acting as the director since 2015. In addition to his permanent position in Helsinki, Ovaskainen has had a visiting professor position in a Norwegian CoE since 2014.