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Eco-design, Agri-Bio-Industry Processes


Which outlooks and which research questions?

4th-5th of February 2016 Paris

You can register for the workshop on this page.

This workshop is mainly devoted to European scientists interested in taking part to the COST network. In this case, you are invited to submit an abstract for a poster presentation of your activities during the conference day (4th of February).

However, all the persons interested by the subject are welcome to the conference day - 4th of February (other scientists, industrials, students…).

The number of participants will be limited to 100. The registration fee is 100 €. The paiement procedure is included in the registration procedure.

If you do not wish to submit an abstract for a poster, click on "Registration for the workshop".
If you wish to submit an abstract for a poster, go to the page entitled "Submission", and after completing the form you will find an option to register for the workshop.
If you have already submitted an abstract and have an account, click on "Login" to speed up your registration.


Registration closed on Wednesday 27 January 2016