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Eco-design, Agri-Bio-Industry Processes

COST workshop of the 5th of February 2016

8h30-10h: Introduction and General Discussion (Amphi B208)

- Introduction: Reminder of the ideas which emerged at the conference the day before and presentation of the morning’s schedule.

- Presentation of the COST FOODMC (Mathematical and Computer Science Methods for Food Science and Industry, coordinator Alberto Tonda)
This COST action has been recently accepted and will begin in Spring 2016. It could be an opportunity to deal with the modelling and optimization questions related to process eco-design.

- General discussion about the cross-checking between FoodMC framework and the research questions / ideas related to eco-design of agri-bio-industry processes identified the 4th of February. The objective is to clarify the scope of the following discussions in the working groups and their complementarity with FoodMC.

10h-10h30: Coffee break

10h30-12h: Working groups

Two groups will work on two different topics. In each group the expected outputs will be:
- Identification of the research questions on the topic.
- Skills necessary to work on these questions.
- Partners to be included in the work.

Working group 1: Sustainability assessment of agri-bio-industry processes (Amphi B208)
Working group 2: Integration of agri-bio-industry processes into a sustainable value chain (Room B212)

12h-12h30: General discussion (Amphi B208)

A short synthesis of the debates in each group will be done and the general discussion will deal with:
- Financial instrument we should apply to in order to handle with the subject (COST? Other?).

12h30-14h: Lunch

Sandwich bags will be available, to be eaten on the spot or to bring with you.