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Call for posters

This seminar is an opportunity to highlight the skills of research laboratories. We invite you to propose a poster for your unit’s research activities in the area of plant proteins, which will be visible on the conference site and handed out in A4 format in the participant’s kit.

Market demand for highly functional, nutritional and organopeptic plant proteins is constantly growing in the human food market. The sector of animal feed needs plant proteins that are competitive, available and of good nutritional quality.

This call for posters is intended for academic research units and has the objective of highlighting the skills of French laboratories on the theme of plant proteins.

Call for posters and selection committee

> Download the information and application form

Application forms must be sent prior to 30 September to the following address:

A group of experts in this field will review your proposal. You will be informed of the results after the selection committee meets.
Your offer will be selected based on the two following criteria: skills displayed and interest for the industry. The objective of this poster is to promote the skills in plant proteins of your unit, as well as its use of these skills in research to obtain results that can be of interest to industrial companies.

For additional information concerning applications, please contact:

Content of the poster

Your proposal must highlight your unit’s skills in one of the following areas:

  • Characterisation of protein sources (plant proteins or new sources such as micro-algae, fungi, micro-organisms, insects, etc.)
  • Composition, structure, physical and chemical properties, etc.
  • Extraction and transformation processes for plant proteins and those issued from new sources
  • Functionality of proteins and formulation of food matrices
  • Nutritional characterisation (human nourishment, animal feed) and impact on health
  • Protein mix (plant proteins-animal proteins or plant proteins with each other).
  • Anti-nutritional factors
  • Allergenic character of plant proteins
  • Fermentation of plant proteins
  • Bioactive peptides

IMPORTANT: we ask that you send us only non-confidential and/or protected information. By submitting this application, you accept that information you have submitted in written or oral form can be released, and specifically on the event’s Web site.

Format and editing of the poster

Posters can be written in French or English.
You will be in charge of printing your poster.
Poster format: 1.20 m x 0.80 m, vertically oriented.