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CVT AllEnvi will present results of the strategic analysis carried out on plant proteins in the food industry. Participants will be able to interact and discuss the results and their projects. A huge meeting & networking opportunity for academic researchers and industrials.

The plant protein market is a fast growing one that must meet the social and economic objectives of human and animal food.

Two major findings

  • A constant growth in demand on markets that use plant proteins for human nourishment, with functional, nutritional and organoleptic quality as a priority
  • An ever growing demand worldwide for animal proteins, which implies substantial needs in plant proteins to feed livestock

Plant proteins from agricultural raw materials and their uses in the agro-food industry, functional ingredients and the nutrition-health area are key innovation drivers.

The day’s programme

An in-depth analysis of innovation drivers and key international players, as well as contributions from French academic research.

  • Key innovation drivers
  • Market dynamics overview
  • Intellectual property landscape
  • Overview of scientific publications
  • Experience of industrial players
  • Mapping of the AllEnvi laboratories’ skills

Your advantages in joining

  • Having a complete and accurate overview of the findings of our analysis.
  • Sharing visions and gaining insights on strategy in the global proteins world
  • Learning from the experts who will share their experience and knowledge
  • Highlighting your projects and identifying future partners   

The National Alliance for Environmental Research – AllEnvi – promotes public research on environmental issues, notably food, water, the climate and the environmental quality of geographic areas.

CVT AllEnvi (Consortium for Thematic Valorisation) is the Alliance’s resource and expertise centre. It provides prospective strategic studies steered by a committee made up of AllEnvi experts.

These analyses make it possible to decipher future innovation dynamics.

CVT AllEnvi presents the results and a complete overview with detailed information of its analysis at key innovation days and creates 'Meeting & Networking’ opportunities for academic researchers and industrials'.