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1st Workshop of the COST POSITIVe action - 2015

Welcoming message

Welcome to the 1st scientific workshop organized by the COST Action FA1403 POSITIVe on the 26-27 October in satellite to the 7th ICPH, in Tours.

The COST Action POSITIVe “Inter-individual variation in response to consumption of plant food bioactives and determinants involved” has been launched in December 2014. Currently POSITIVe involved over 70 research institutions from 30 European countries.

The objective of this European network is to structure a multidisciplinary and multisectorial network to address inter-individual variation in bioavailability and physiological responses (bioactivity) to consumption of plant food bioactives in relation to cardio-metabolic outcomes. A better understanding of the factors responsible for this interindividual variation will help to ensure an optimal integration of plant food bioactives in future personalized nutrition strategies.

The aim of this COST symposium is to raise awareness of the scientific community to the importance of this inter-individual variation by reviewing the state of the art and presenting perspectives in this emerging field. 

We hope that you will join us for this POSITIVe’s symposium!

Thank you for your consideration.


Christine Morand,                                        
Chair of FA1403 POSITIVe  

Francisco Tomas-Barberan,
Co-chair of FA1403 POSITIVe


Place Plumereau2

City Hall of Tours

Downtown of Tours


Vincy Congress Center

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