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Dynamics and Evolution of Plant Genomes (Réseau scientifique "Dynamique des génomes végétaux")

Workshops Series on Plant Genome Dynamics and Evolution

17 November 2018

The Workshop Series DynaGeV (Dynamique des Génomes Végétaux) covers all aspects of plant genome dynamics, from the molecular and/or evolutionary mechanisms responsible for gene and genome changes to their consequences in terms of phenotypic diversification, speciation or domestication. Our network meets once a year in France for a free conference where PhD students, Post-Doc fellows and scientists from abroad are mostly welcome.

Fifth Workshop on Plant Genome Dynamics and Evolution

INRA, Bordeaux

The Workshop Series on Plant Genome Dynamics brings together scientists working on Plant Genome organization, functioning and evolution. Our aim is three-fold: (1) sharing new insights and identifying promising directions for future research, (2) promoting effective collaborations and multidisciplinary research partnerships, (3) providing a non-competitive platform for young scientists (MSc and PhD students, Post-Doctoral fellows…) to present their work. Oral and poster presentations as well as round table organization on specific topics are encouraged.
The scope of our network is broad: new/novel genome projects, molecular mechanisms underpinning genomic and epigenomic diversity (e.g. meiotic recombination, gene duplication, transposition, methylation, chromatin modeling…), evolutionary mechanisms driving plant evolution and speciation (e.g. reticulate evolution, polyploidy, crop domestication…), genetic and genomic variation, population genomics … Although our network is dedicated to Plant genome dynamics, we are used to welcome scientists working on other organisms.
Likewise, our network is open to a very wide range of disciplines: molecular and evolutionary genetics, genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics, cytogenetics, phylogenetics and phylogenomics, bioinformatics, plant breeding, system and translational biology…
Our conference takes place every year (usually in May or June) in a different place in France. There are no registration fees but registration is mandatory to help organize the meeting.
Please contact the Permanent Committee if you have any question.